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Experiences of a Solo Female Traveler

Updated: Jun 4

GUEST POST BY: Kimmy Cheung

No matter how hard I try to jog my memory, I don’t seem to recall the first time I traveled solo. Venturing off on my own was the biggest gift I could give myself. Along the way, I have met my fair share of scary encounters, still, for the majority of time, I was blessed with people that helped me and guided me, not just in the trip, but in life as well.

Being a young, solo adventurette, to me, was rewarding because we are all absorbents in our late 10s and early 20s. We are eager to explore the world, to establish ourselves and to find our worth in society. A lot of the knowledge we have, or opinions we hold are merely hearsay or from books. The world is our oyster.

Going out solo, you absorb a whole ton of experiences you would never have if you had stayed home. It changes your worldview and you realise that the world is not as standard as it seems. Everyone in different parts of the world holds a belief that contradicts your own.

Traveling has its own learning curve. At first, you’d find it hard to accept other people’s beliefs and their way of life. After a while, you’d get used to it and start understanding the reasoning behind. At last, you start absorbing those beliefs, keep those you resonate with and leave those you don’t right where you learnt them.

During my travels, I once met a musician drifting to places for the past few years barely making any bucks. Most would think he topped the loser list. Little did everyone know he was a licensed doctor who graduated from a prominent school.

His whole life he was taught the only way to success in life is to make a good living. Only when he started traveling that he saw the only way to success in life is to be happy about what you do. Now he is probably still drifting around the world with his guitar.

The encounters with these people were short. I can’t even remember most of their names. What stays is the power of their words. Still finding out my way in life, I am a sponge that takes up what people say heavily. Each time I fly solo, it consolidates my belief more and more on what I want to do and who I want to be.

I have been asked the question on how I always meet the people that inspire me. While I don’t have an official answer for this, I do believe it’s because I’m willing to listen and open up to new ideas.

What’s scary about traveling the world is that you could’ve visited 100 countries and still be as close-minded as the day you left. If you are not willing to take in new concepts, traveling won’t widen your horizons.

Being a fan of listening to people’s life stories takes me a long way during my travels. When I hear a story that I take to my heart, I will write it down in my journal. It helps preserve the emotions and the memory.

It’s not scary to travel alone, but it’s scary to travel alone and not get anything from it. There’s so much to learn from in every country. You don’t always have to agree with everything you hear. But the more you hear different stories, the better your critical thinking is, and that’s essential in life.

Every time someone opens my eyes, I’m grateful for it. I would not have traded it with anything else, to experience what I have experienced at a young age. Probably for a lot of people, what’s holding them back is merely their fear of getting out there and to adapt. As always, those shouldn’t be a good enough reason to stop you from experiencing life and learning about yourself.

Our mind is bigger than this world. When you’re traveling, you can take some good seeds/thoughts back to your country. At the same time, you can plant something good that you take from your country to the land you are visiting. You have the power to leave as much impact as others have on you.

About the Author:

Kimmy enjoys gallivanting the world to collect stories from girls to empower others. She's always keen on learning more about everything in life and connecting with others.

Blog: https://storytalej.com

Facebook: Adventurette Journal

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